SureEDI: Intuitive
EDI Mapping, Validation,

SureEDI: Improves
Revenue Cycle Efficiency

SureEDI: Simplifies
Trading Partner On-boarding
and Operation

Dynamic Rules based
EDI Processing Framework

Improves Efficiency

Sophisticated and Configurable
Business Processing Layer

SureEDI: User Defined
Dynamic mapping of EDI Content
to Business Objects

SureEDI: Rules based
Validation and

SureEDI: Turnkey
EDI Mapping Templates
for most Transactions

SureEDI: Stand-alone or
Add-on to BNETAL SureDeliver®:
Healthcare Regulatory
Compliant Enterprise Gateway

Improves Revenues

SureEDI: Supported by
Industry Experts in

Trusted Advisors on
CAQH CORE Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

SureEDI® EDI Mapping, Parsing and Translation Demos

The following demos show how SureEDI can be used to simplify your X12 EDI mapping, parsing and translation needs. Using simplified and powerful built-in mapping and translation features, SureEDI can translate otherwise complex X12 EDI data into CSV, XML and JSON formats making it a lot easier to analyze them and get to important insights.

  • Translating raw X12 EDI transactions to CSV, XML, or JSON formats using EDI maps in SureEDI® (DEMO 1)
    This demo shows how to use SureEDI's EDI maps to translate EDI transactions to CSV, XML and JSON format files. This translation can be done in two modes: Raw translation can show positional information, and Mapped translation can show mapping to business level names that are user defined (e.g, NM103 may be mapped to patientlastName within the EDI map). Once translated, the formatted files can be further processed using databases or analytics engines, to analyze them or mine them for intelligent data.
  • Processing Batch Files with EDI maps created using SureEDI® (DEMO 2)
    This demo shows the use of SureEDI's EDI maps to process batch EDI files. Rules can be setup to pickup files from batch file folders at a specific frequency and apply trading partner specific EDI maps to translate them to the format of choice (CSV, XML or JSON). Once translated, the formatted files can be further processed using databases or analytics engines, to analyze them or mine them for intelligent data.
  • Converting EDI to CSV and CSV to EDI using SureEDI® (DEMO 3)
    This demo shows how to use SureEDI to translte EDI files to CSV format and how to translate CSV to EDI format. CSV to EDI translation can be used to filter out specific loops, transactions or fuctional groups, and new EDI files can be composed using the filtered out CSV rows. This feature can be used as part of workflows in translating batch files and filtering them, or as an analytics tool to filter out information.
  • Generating starting point EDI map from raw X12 transactions using SureEDI® (DEMO 4)
    This demo shows how to use SureEDI to generate a starting point EDI map by feeding in raw X12 transaction sets. This step is needed only once, and is optional. BNETAL can provide EDI maps for transactions, and customize them for your business rules.

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