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SureDeliver® for ACA Section 1104 Connectivity Compliance (Health Plans, State Medicaids)
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SureDeliver® meets and exceeds the connectivity and security requirements in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Section 1104 regulations. SureDeliver® has a turn-key, secure and robust implementation of the CAQH CORE Connectivity Operating Rules, which are mandated for Health Plans and State Medicaids for compliance with ACA Section 1104. It is supported by industry leaders in CAQH CORE Connectivity expertise, who also have decades of experience in implementing and supporting nationwide networks such as CDC PHIN. For more information on the technical challenges in implementing the connectivity requirements and how SureDeliver® can help lower your risks and reduce your implementation time, read our white paper.

SureDeliver® for Electronic Medical Document Submission to Medicare
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SureDeliver® has a robust implementation of CMS esMD specifications for submission of Electronic Medical Documents to Medicare and commercial payers. This implementation can be leveraged by healthcare providers as well as "Health Information Handlers" on behalf of healthcare providers, to submit esMD documents to Medicare or to commercial payers, in support of adjudication of claims.

SureDeliver® for Meaningful Use Connectivity Compliance
SureDeliver® meets and exceeds healthcare regulation requirements for data exchange, such as the Meaningful Use of EHR Stage 2 and beyond. SureDeliver® has a turn-key implementation of the NwHIN Exchange's transport specification and NwHIN Direct's transport specifications, which are based on some of the IHE profiles that have been incorporated into the Meaningful Use (Stage 2 and beyond) data exchange requirements. Organizations can leverage SureDeliver® to enhance their clinical data processing systems to make them comply with the Meaningful Use data exchange requirements.

SureDeliver® for Healthcare Security and Interoperability
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SureDeliver® is HIPAA compliant and provides out of the box robust and turn-key implementation for many healthcare interoperability profiles and open standards. These interoperability and security standards enable secure and efficient data exchanges with healthcare partners in many healthcare domains including payment processing, pharmacy electronic prescriptions, lab orders and results, referrals and other clinical data exchanges between doctors, public health reporting, and others.

SureDeliver® for Automated, Secure and Reliable Data Exchanges
SureDeliver replaces manual document transfers by providing out-of-the-box document transfers in a secure and reliable way. SureDeliver has high degree of security built-in, and has extensive resillience to network failures, both short and long term. SureDeliver® has robust database queue based persistence and duplicate detection built-in to guarantee once and once-only delivery of data record.

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