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Cloud Security Consulting Services

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BNETAL helps you secure your applications and data in the cloud. We assist you in your cloud migration, operation and security. A few key steps in which our services will be useful to your organization are listed below:

  • Understanding Business Priorities
    • current and planned future business, infrastructure and application landscape
    • criteria for risk categorization
    • industry regulations and best practices
    • organizational policies
    • business size, risk tolerance
  • Security Policy Identification and Refinement
    • infrastructure security policies
    • application level security policies
  • Gap Analysis Against Security Policies
    • identification of legal, process, and technical gaps in meeting security policies
    • impact of gaps in terms of risk
  • Implementation to Remediate Security Gaps
    • solution options for infrastructure security; e.g.,
      • patch level monitoring
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      • intrusion detection
      • anti-virus and anti-malware monitoring
      • incident management and response
    • solution options for application level security; e.g.,
      • identity and access management
      • authentication and authorization
      • encryption (data at rest and in transit)
      • logging and monitoring
    • cost-benefit analysis of solution options
    • implementation support for security controls
    • testing and certification against policies
  • Management of Remaining Risks
    • options and recommendations for bridging gaps
      • on-prem, in-cloud and hybrid strategies
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  • Maintenance: Ongoing Security Conformance / Compliance
    • assessment of technology upgrade options
    • migration to newer and better technologies

To obtain more information on our cloud security consulting services, or to enquire about doing business with Business Networks International Inc., please email us at Thanks!