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Health Insurance

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The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard ASC X12 is widely used in Health insurance and form the language of communication between businesses that transact on a daily basis. Implementation variations, evolving standards and regulatory requirements make processing EDI data a lengthy and expensive undertaking. The result is often complex “spaghetti” custom code that is hard to maintain and manage. Robust solutions that empower users to easily configure EDI processing has the potential for significant improvements in efficiency of implementation, trading partner on-boarding, and operation. Reduced operational errors means quicker processing, less support costs and increase in efficiency and revenue.

BNETAL SureEDI® is a powerful EDI mapping, validation and adjudication software. It supports dynamic mapping from EDI formats to business level objects. EDI maps can be defined for different transactions and can be tailored to trading partners. Users can also define dynamic rules for validation and adjudication. Many fully built EDI mapping templates help get you started so you can hit the ground running and quickly implement the validation and adjudication rules using the templates. Easy to use extensible framework that can provide custom extensions for both validation and adjudication. SureEDI® can be installed stand-alone or with BNETAL's SureDeliver®, to support end-to-end (data content and transport) processing.

By providing a robust turnkey product for EDI mapping, validation and processing, BNETAL offers to health plans, clearinghouses, healthcare providers, third-party administrators and billing systems vendors a great solution for their health insurance transaction processing needs.

Please see for more information.

BNETAL SureDeliver®

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BNETAL SureDeliver® is a turn-key solution for the CAQH® CORE® Connectivity Operating Rules, which are mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA Section 1104) for HIPAA covered entities like Health Plans, Healthcare Clearinghouses, State Medicaids and others. This solution not only implements all technical requirements in the CAQH CORE Connectivity Operating Rules, it provides high degree of security, robustness, scalability, management, monitoring, alerting and compliance reporting features that are needed in a production environment. Please see and our white paper on this for more information on this solution.

BNETAL provides a full suite of services around the use of SureDeliver®, such as the following:

  • architecture and deployment
  • integration with revenue cycle management systems
  • security of administrative transactions
  • performance and scaling options
  • training on the operational best practices

BNETAL's architecture and security expertise and in-depth knowledge of CORE Operating Rules, which are a key requirement in ACA regulations, can be leveraged by BNETAL customers to not only achieve compliance with this requirement, but to improve operational efficiencies while having the peace of mind that comes from using a secure and well tested enterprise-grade implementation.


Medicare/Medicaid IT

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As part of a consulting engagement, BNETAL consulting has collaborated with CMS on the CMS esMD project, and prior to that, on the CMS Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) project. During a HIMSS meeting in Atlanta, BNETAL assisted the MITA team in show-casing the CAQH CORE Connectivity interfaces to demonstrate interoperability.

  • BNETAL solution SureDeliver® has a gateway implementation that complies with the data transport requirements of CMS esMD, and that can easily integrate with and augment existing revenue cycle management systems to submit electronic documents to Medicare.
  • BNETAL knowledge of Electronic Medical Document Submission (esMD) standards can be leveraged by Healthcare Provider Vendors and Health Information Handler vendors to send data to Medicare/CMS.

To obtain more information on our solutions to health plans, Medicare/Medicaid, healthcare providers and other HIPAA covered entities, or to enquire about doing business with Business Networks International Inc., please email us at Thanks!