Cloud Security Consulting Services

BNETAL helps you secure your applications and data in the cloud. We assist you in your cloud migration, operation and security. A few key steps in which our services will be useful to your organization are listed below:

Understanding the Requirements
  • current and planned future business, infrastructure and application landscape
  • criteria for risk categorization
  • industry regulations and best practices
  • organizational policies
  • business size, risk tolerance

Security Gap Assessments
  • identification of legal, process, and technical gaps in meeting security policies
  • impact of gaps in terms of risk
  • risk based remediation approach recommendations
Gap Remediation Planning
  • management controls, e.g., definition of roles, processes, change management
  • technical controls, e.g., infrastructure, services and application security including network segmentation, encryption, authentication
Management of Remaining Risks
  • Risk level determination based on potential for loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability
  • Risk mitigation and remediation approaches
  • Recommendations for residual risk acceptance
Maintenance: Ongoing Security Conformance / Compliance
  • Penetration testing and review of reports
  • Review of vulnerablility scans and prioritizing remediation
  • Assessment of technology upgrade options
  • Migration to newer and better technologies
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Key Clients