Software Development

Business Networks International has provided full life-cycle support on projects involving national infrastructures for robust and interoperable health data exchange. Our engineers provide architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, security and best practices services to various mission critical projects.

Enterprise Solutions Development
  • Business Networks International has used its expertise and experience to develop enterprise solutions for robust and regulatory compliant data exchange, remote monitoring, and security, which it has deployed to customer sites:
    • SureFHIR® for HL7 FHIR based healthcare data exchange based workflows and business use cases
    • SureEDI® ( for simplified EDI/X12 mapping, parsing, validation and translation.
    • SureDeliver® ( regulatory compliant, robust, efficient, secure and reliable data exchange solution for healthcare, health insurance, public health, pharmacy and other domains.
    • ManageSecure® ( two-factor authentication, digital certificate management and security resource management solution project.

EDI Remediation for Affordable Care Act Compliance
BNETAL uses its turnkey solution SureDeliver for EDI remetiation for ACA compliance. Working with HIPAA covered entities, BNETAL has helped them augment their EDI systems to support EDI connections that are fully compliant with requirements of the CAQH CORE Connectivity and Security Operating Rules.
NwHIN - Prototype of Role Based Access Control for MA-Share
As part of providing security architecture for the National Health Information Network Phase I Prototype, Business Networks International identified a need for demonstrating a key concept (Role Based Access Control) using open standards SAML and XACML, within the MA-Share network. It put together a team of developers, and managed the development of a prototype of this concept, which it successfully implemented and demonstrated within budget and schedule.
CDC Public Health Information Network
BNETAL played a key role in Public Health IT projects across the US. Key projects in this area include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health (VA-DOH), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and Oregon Public Health Division (ORPHD).
Premiere Technologies Interactive Voice Response Projects
Premiere Technologies is a major mobile network technology and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provider. Business Networks International povided full life-cycle support for Premiere’s IVR application suite, including operational support and porting it to a new platform, and performing year 2000 date handling updates in a multiple person/multi-year project.

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